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VirtualDrive Pro 12.2

VirtualDrive Pro allows you to create virtual CD/DVD and use .ISO or .VCD files
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VirtualDrive Pro is a unique program that enables you to create virtual CD/DVD on your PC, and use any .ISO or .VCD image as a replica CD. The program comes with all the tools required to create and use ISO CD images. Actually, the program is designed to protect your CDs from scratches by copying all their content to you hard drive, while still preserving the properties of the CD, such as “autoplay” and the read-only feature.

You may be now thinking, what you can do with the program, so here is one of the wonderful uses of the program: you can create an image of a CD containing your computer’s hardware drivers and keep your original CD in the drawer, and your system will treat the replica image just as if the original CD were inserted into your disk drive. The difference is that this image of your driver CD will never get a scratch on it, so you will never lose your drivers. And another great feature - the program enables you to enjoy Play-Station games on your PC using an emulator. Just take a CD with a PS game on it, transfer it to your system using VirtualDrive Pro, and play wonderful 3D games on your PC without having any CD or DVD sitting on your drive.

The program can also create virtual hard-drives on your PC that effectively use your computer’s RAM. Therefore, the data transfer rates from these virtual hard-drives are 300 times higher than from a normal hard-drive. I would use this feature to play games on my PC, giving me a performance rate 300 times better. Nevertheless, because, this tool uses your RAM, you should learn how to configure it using the provided help files before you start playing with virtual hard-drives, or you may end up with a freezing operating system.

Shortly, the program provides you with a very effective, yet simplest way to protect your CDs and the priceless data on them without losing the disks’ properties. Try it, and you will find it a useful tool.

jasminder singh
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